Sam over at Haynet recently set a challenge for horse bloggers to post five photos showing a day in our lives with the horses.  I chose to use a work day – it might be less interesting but it does give a much better idea of what a typical day is like for me.


At the moment my days all start with me turning out the ponies.  They are kept in at night over the winter – more to save the ground a bit than to protect them from the elements.  It is still too dark to ride before work at the moment, although it won’t be long until it is possible.  There are very promising signs already!


I have to drive ten miles to work every day.  On the day I chose for the challenge – last Friday – it happened to be a frosty morning and my windscreen was simply beautiful.



Lunchtime at work is usually the time I take to update myblog’s social media accounts.  I might also do a bit of writing for the blog itself and I will almost certainly be reading as well.  I do like to get outside when I can and I love to sit and read outdoors but it was far too cold on Friday!



It is definitely also too dark to ride after work at the moment, especially as most days I have other commitments as well – things like dance classes and a book club.  The ponies are often waiting at the gate for me when I get home – they can be very affectionate when they think they might get some food!


Once the ponies are tucked up in bed I can sit down with a cup of tea by the fire. At the moment I am watching a lot of Olympics and this is often the time when I will type up my blog posts.

Sam will be collating the statistics for the hash tag at the end of the month and it will be interesting to see what kind of reach it has had.  I am already enjoying seeing everyone’s pictures and I look forward to reading blog posts about it.  Go and search for #5photos1day or maybe try the challenge for yourself!

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