This week hasn’t gone quite to plan.  On Friday Galahad had his regular back check and was found to be pretty sore – the back lady thinks he may have fallen over.  I am not aware of him having done so but it is more than possible as the fields have been so incredibly wet lately.  I am not even allowed to lunge him until Tuesday and can’t ride him for a week after that.


The poor pony seems perfectly cheerful though and just can’t understand why he isn’t allowed out when we ride Cookster.

We had been going to do a pairs dressage class next Sunday but obviously that will have to wait for another time.  In the meantime we are now aiming Cookster at the individual walk and trot test.  It will be the first he has done away from home but he did pretty well in the practice today.


My sister was riding him and despite the tractor moving about, other horses running around and the practically gale force winds he was very well behaved.


I on the other hand was absolutely freezing.  I’d forgotten I would need more clothes to sit still watching than I do when I’m riding!

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