A Very Horsey Day

This morning we went to our local fatstock show.  I love to go every year but this time there seemed to be even more horses there than normal.

First of all we saw a pair of shire horses giving rides on a rather nice farm cart.


A little way on we found a stand belonging to the Exmoor Pony Society who had a pen with a couple of ponies – a yearling and two year old.  It was great to say hello to them.


Inside the pannier market there were some festive donkeys who were very friendly.


Then we found we had another opportunity for a horse and cart ride!


The highlight though was the farriery demonstration.  They were making the shoes from scratch which is something I have never seen before.  I found it fascinating and I stood watching them for ages!


It is a lovely local show with a fantastic atmosphere and I had a great day, even though it meant I didn’t get to ride my own pony.

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