Dressage Progress

Galahad and I recently did another online dressage test.   Recording it was fun – the first day I tried it absolutely poured down with rain and there was no way I could record in that!

The next time we tried my Dad – who was filming – was half hidden in shadow so Galahad felt the need to spook every time he went near him.  That was no good either.

Eventually I managed to get a decent test two days before the closing date.  Galahad was a bit more forward than last time – although there is still room for improvement  – and was only slightly spooky.

He is still a bit stiff on the right rein but he actually feels much better than he used to and I am very pleased with his progress.


Our score sheet arrived last week and although we did not get a rosette this time our score showed some improvement which I would class as a success.

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