Galahad Needs a Hairdresser

I have to admit that I do not brush Galahad’s mane very often.  Partly this is because it always looks more or less smooth and tangle free.


Partly also it is because I only ever brush his tail when we go to a show.  It is so thin anyway that I don’t want to make it worse!  However, this week I realised that the bottom layer of his mane had got rather matted and it was really time that I did something about it.


Luckily I have recently stocked up on mane and tail conditioner so the job wasn’t as difficult as it might have been.  Even so, it took me a while as his mane is so very thick – I had half of it pushed over the other side of his neck and the bit I had left was still thicker than the average mane.


As you can see, it was high time that the job was done.  I couldn’t believe how much loose hair he had!


It was a very satisfying job and it always nice to spend time just grooming a pony.  It is a wonderful bonding exercise!


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