An Interesting Week

For Galahad and I this week has been bookended by interesting rides.

On Monday we went for a hack and had to navigate a pretty narrow gateway.  I knew my right knee was going to get knocked so I steered to the left and we cannoned into that gatepost instead.  That’s something Galahad has always found frightening so we charged off across the field until I could pull up.  We must have looked hilarious!

Then on Friday we set out to do a little schooling.  The field was full of my dog’s agility equipment and as I knew I would be using it again soon I was reluctant to pack it away.  Instead we fitted our schooling around it.


It was actually surprisingly easy to do and it also gave us a lot of obstacles to use in practising neck reining.  We had great fun!


The highlight of our week though was Thursday.  I had made sure I got up early enough for a hack before work and I was definitely rewarded for doing so.  The sky was the most amazing blue and everything was looking particularly beautiful.   We had a wonderful, relaxed hack and it was the best start to the day.


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