Blustery Schooling

Tuesday was a very windy day.

I schooled both the ponies after work and I was concerned that Galahad would be completely wound up, especially as I had just ridden Cookster and our steering left a little to be desired!

Snapshot 1 (10-06-2017 3-16 PM)

Galahad though was surprisingly relaxed and we had a pretty good session.  He has sometimes been a little nappy towards the gate lately but we had no trouble this time.

Snapshot 3 (10-06-2017 3-21 PM)

We even managed to work in an outline – of course, I didn’t get that on camera!  He is perhaps not using his hindquarters as much as I would like but we can work on that.  Both ponies will be having their backs checked this week as well, so we can make sure everything is okay.

Overall though, I was very pleased with Galahad and how relaxed he was considering the weather.

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