Not so fit

It turns out that I am not quite so recovered as I thought I was.


I was so thrilled to be riding again that I went a bit mad.  My sister and I went for a lovely hack on Monday, then I schooled both ponies after work on Tuesday.  I thought I was doing fine but on Wednesday I was utterly exhausted and riding just did not seem like a good idea.


The trouble is that for the last three weeks I have spent almost every moment not at work asleep.  Although I am much better I just do not appear to be ready to ride as much as normal.  Or if I did I would in all likelihood slow down my recovery even more.  I  just have to accept that I need to ration my riding time.


It is hard though.  The ponies went away to give me a chance to recover but now I have done that to some extent I want to make the most of the facilities whilst they are there.  That’s just common sense.  I suppose though that taking days off to recover now will mean I get to ride more much sooner.  That’s what I need to think about!

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