Happy Hacking

This week I had the most wonderful hack on Cookster.  He was completely calm and relaxed and it was a fantastic feeling to be riding him.

Walking back down the hill I became very conscious of how relaxed I was feeling myself.  I was also weirdly aware of my own breathing and how much it had slowed down.  It felt like a form of meditation and it was pretty amazing.


Galahad was not quite so relaxing but still very good.  We actually made use of the saddlebags to deliver a parcel which was fun.  It was heavier than the newspaper we carried up before and the bag did flap a little bit but Galahad didn’t react at all.  Hurrah!  Galahad was paid in apples and I had a cup of tea – Galahad got to visit a strange stable whilst I drank it.


Our ride home was a bit more eventful.  There was something  (goodness knows what) scary in the field so naturally we had to have a bit of a spook and a canter.  He slowed down when I asked though which is a good sign.

It was a lovely morning and I definitely felt the benefit of riding that day.

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