Trying New Things

Galahad and I are planning to go to another trec event next weekend.  This time we will just be doing the POR section, which is basically orienteering on horseback.  It is a fun introductory event and apparently first timers – that’s me – will get a lot of help. My map reading is not bad but I have no very clear idea of how the event works so I am glad there will be help!

There are several things we have to carry with us (compass, waterproofs, first aid kits…) which means that we really need some kind of saddlebags. It is another new experience for Galahad as he has never worn them before.  I started off leading him around the field with them on and making sure we went pretty fast to ensure they flapped as much as they were likely to.  Galahad didn’t seem bothered by them at all.  Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come.


We are also practising riding in a headcollar as we will need to do that on the day as well.

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