Luckily Cookster was none the worse for his fall on Friday  and the back lady said he was fine.  Galahad received a full treatment but that is usual for him as he can still be a bit stiff on the side he was branded.  She was pleased with his progress, although she has suggested that I massage across his whole hindquarters rather than just using aloe vera on his brand as I have been doing.  Thankfully she didn’t say he had outgrown his saddle like last year!  He had to have two days off after his treatment but at least he had some interesting stable mates!


I had another lesson with Galahad on Monday which went well.  He was backing off a couple of the scarier jumps a bit more but although he demolished one of them the main thing was that he went over them and didn’t stop or run out.  We were jumping a barrel under a pole but as the pole was longer than the barrel Galahad found a way to twist himself so he wasn’t technically jumping the barrel at all.  My instructor had to add another barrel so he couldn’t cheat!

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