Schooling Excitement

It is now just about dry enough to school in the field.  Most of the time.  If it rains it is still not really a good idea but I have managed to school twice this week which was brilliant!

In general the sessions went very well.  Galahad was pretty good at listening to me and although he spent a few minutes trying to load his right shoulder so he could go home it didn’t take him long to settle.  We did a lot of circles and changes of direction and he started working quite nicely.  We even managed some fairly decent turns on the forehand which have always been hard for him but are good for helping him to use his hindquarters properly.

The ground still isn’t perfect yet though.  We only had one little slip but it ended up being pretty dramatic.  We were cantering round a corner and it threw me off balance which made him spook and throw me further off.  We went cantering across the field with me practically coming off sideways.  I imagine it must have looked hilarious  but from on top it was bit worrying!   Luckily I managed to hang on, we recovered and the rest of the session went well.  It was a good start and we even got to enjoy a beautiful sunset.


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