Making Friends

As we rode out yesterday we said hello to the alpacas as we usually do.  Also as usual they were supremely indifferent to our presence.  Coming home however they were much closer to the road and Galahad – having decided they are safe – was desperate to make friends with them.  He was practically leaning through the fence!


This time the alpacas showed a bit of interest too and actually started walking towards us.  Sadly Galahad in his eagerness shifted his weight forward and made them run off but they had been much closer than ever before.  They started following us home and every time there was a gap in the hedge Galahad would have another go at talking to them.  It was very exciting for him.  My sister’s pony on the other hand was not at all convinced they were safe and stayed firmly in the background.  He did not like them following us!

In other news I found this water bottle in our local farm shop and couldn’t resist it.


Isn’t it great?!

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