A Saddle Fitting

Galahad has needed a new saddle for a while now.  My original saddle no longer fitted him after a year of riding had bulked him out a bit so for the past eight months I have been riding in a borrowed saddle which wasn’t ideal.  The main reason for my delay in buying a new one was that I really love leather saddles but it has become obvious that we really need an adjustable one.  A leather adjustable seemed out of my price range but I was a bit reluctant to commit to a synthetic.

However, I finally visited our local saddler just after new year to book a fitting – I did really need the saddle after all.  The saddle he recommended comes in leather or synthetic and although the leather was a bit more than I had been hoping to pay it was less than I had imagined it might be and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t take it.

We had our fitting this week and although Galahad rolled his eyes at the saddler he behaved very well.  He only shied once (whipping right round when I was riding) and was even happy to have the saddle prodded and adjusted when I was on board.


Test riding the saddle

I have ridden in it twice now and I love it already.  It is wonderful to be back in a leather saddle again.  It is beautiful, very comfortable and it creaks!  Such a lovely sound.


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