Making New Friends

We had a very exciting time on our ride this morning.  We got to the top of the hill to find two things with long necks peering over the fence at us – a pair of alpacas!  Galahad did not have a clue what they were and wasn’t at all sure that he wanted to stick around to find out.  He spun around but didn’t actually run away and I persuaded him to turn back to have a proper look.  He decided that they might be okay but I didn’t manage to take a photograph because by the time he had settled enough the alpacas were running away themselves.

The weather has also been rather exciting.  Very windy this morning with sudden heavy showers of freezing cold rain.  Galahad was not too impressed that I wanted to keep going when the rain started.  We did have fun paddling in the puddles though – at least, I did!  I do love the wind too – there is something about it which makes it very exciting.


Windswept pony!

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