Working Hard

This week I had a long overdue riding lesson.

Eleanor and Magic

I like to have a lesson on a different horse every so often so that I’m not only able to ride one horse.  I grew up riding a huge number of different horses and ponies and it really stood me in good stead.  At inter-university riding competitions we had to ride horses we had never met before and I felt I had been well prepared for that!

It has been a few months since I had a lesson and even longer since I rode a different horse.  It is always a bit of a strange feeling riding an actual horse – their strides are so much longer than Galahad’s!  Even horses I thought of as quick striding now feel incredibly smooth.  The horse I rode this week is much more forward going than Galahad and likes to test new riders to see what they can do.  Once we got to know each other though we got on pretty well.  We popped over a few jumps at the end of the lesson which my instructor set very low to start with as I hadn’t ridden the horse before but she jumped about three feet high anyway.  I always have such a great time when I have a lesson and I really must make sure I don’t let it go so long before my next one.

Galahad has had a week of hacking only as our field is definitely too wet for schooling at the moment.  However, he did have some excitement on Friday as he dressed up to support Children in Need.


He was surprisingly okay with it but not too pleased about being made to wait for his dinner!

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