Early Morning Schooling

Whilst a lot of my friends are complaining about the dark evenings now that the clocks have gone back, I am very much appreciating the lighter mornings!  I just have enough light and time to ride before I go off to work in the morning.


I am not really a very good morning person but it is amazing how much easier it is to get up when I get to ride.  It is lovely riding in the early morning and I have had some very good schooling sessions.  It feels like Galahad is listening quicker when we start and his right bend is starting to improve too.  It is not at all consistent but it is there and with a bit of work it will improve.

It is beautiful at that time in the morning.  A bit misty at the moment and very peaceful.  Our resident kestrel has been flying over us and we have a trespassing lamb. In the spring he kept breaking into our field and every morning this week he has been between the hedge and the fence.  I thought he was stuck at first but it was easy enough for him to get back through the hedge when I approached!

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