Playing Games

Yesterday was the best day.  I mentioned before that I have been doing some liberty training with Galahad but that he still has some trust issues so some things are hard for him.  I will hopefully be trying more now I can’t ride him every day – I’ll have a go at some tricks on the days he doesn’t get ridden.


Yesterday as I was bringing him in from the field we had a quick play and he actually did a proper bow.  He had one knee on the floor and he didn’t immediately jump up in a panic but stayed down for a few moments.  It was the best feeling and felt like a real breakthrough.

Of course, when I tried with someone watching, camera at the ready,  he couldn’t bring himself to do it again.


He trusted me enough to go down when it was just us though and I am so incredibly proud of him for that.  It’s the little things (which are really big things)!

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