It is still raining…

So far this week it has rained.  A lot.  There is no chance of schooling or anything else in the field at the moment – it is far too slippery.  We are doing a lot of hacking.  Which is lovely, plus it has to be hillwork here so Galahad should be keeping nice and fit at least.

We are also getting the opportunity to perfect our puddle splashing technique.  Galahad has never been overly fond of puddles and will normally bend every which way to avoid them.  It is funny though – he will happily walk through a stream.  Most of the time.

'Are you sure this is safe?'

‘Are you sure this is safe?’

The nights are definitely drawing in.  My summertime routine of coming home, having a cup of tea and a chat, wandering out to ride the pony(ies) and still having plenty of light afterwards is not really feasible any more.  On the bright side the stable looks ever so cosy with the light on.DSCN3523

Also, having to rush the riding a little bit has meant I have finally strung up Galahad’s rosettes.  Such a proud moment!DSCN3500

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