Blustery November

We have had a blustery few days here.  A lot of rain and pretty windy too.  Luckily the ponies do not seem to react to the wind very much and are quite happy being ridden in all weathers.  I am always more aware that we might have a problem though if it is windy!

The rain has had an interesting effect on the fallen leaves in the lane.  The water has formed into two streams down the road and neatly gathered all the leaves into the middle.


I thought at first someone had been sweeping the leaves but it seemed rather unlikely.  Then my sister pointed out the streams and it all made sense!

Sadly though, all the rain has made our fields rather soggy.  Unless we have a reasonable dry spell I may have to curtail our schooling a bit.  At the moment I am being very careful in the field especially on the corners and I will keep a close eye on the ground conditions.

Exciting Weather and the Cutest Henhouse!

My riding over the weekend has been rather damp.  I managed to avoid the real downpours but there was a nice steady drizzle.  The whole valley was looking pretty grey.

Today was much drier but oh, the wind!  It was very exciting and did some rather interesting things to Galahad’s mane.


Last week I went out for lunch at a local farm shop.  The food was very good but even better was meeting this lovely foal and her beautiful Mamma.



They also had the cutest henhouse!