Pony Pedicures

Last week the ponies had another visit from the farrier so they now have beautifully trimmed feet.


He was very pleased with their feet and told us to keep on with whatever we are doing to them and feeding them.  Which isn’t much really!

Galahad is normally pretty good for the farrier.  He stands still but tends to be very tense.  This time my sister offered him a lick whilst he was having his feet trimmed.  Cookster often has one as he is terrible at standing still but I haven’t tried it with Galahad before.  It turned out to work very well and he was much more relaxed than usual.  Something to remember.


The Well Shod (Trimmed) Hoof

Last week the ponies had a visit from the farrier.  Neither of them are shod so they only get a trim and are now very good and standing still for him.  Galahad was never a problem – I think he was too worried to move to start with!  Cookster is fine now but did used to get bored and start to make a fuss.  He probably still gets bored but he can deal with it better now.  It may also help that we keep his feet a little longer as he can get a bit footsore.


The farrier also noticed our fly zapper and when we mentioned how much the ponies hate the noise it makes – they still haven’t got used to it and will stand out in the blazing sunshine rather than the shade of the stable – he suggested an alternative.


This apparently acts a bit like a Venus fly trap.  It is already hung up in the stable and is certainly starting to catch some flies.  Hopefully it will turn out to be effective.  The ponies are already happy to be in the stables again which is excellent news given the mini heatwave over the last couple of days!