Exciting Times

Our hacking at the weekend was pretty exciting – relatively speaking.  First Cookster and I met our neighbour and then immediately afterwards a Waitrose van.  At first I was hugely impressed with the amount it slowed down for us – especially as we weren’t actually on the road at the time.  Then I realised it was trying to turn into the same lane as us and so it had to slow down because we were just in the way.  Oops.


Next we encountered a lady in her back garden chasing away the pheasants.  As she lives on the edge of a pheasant shoot I think she is fighting a losing battle!  Cookster was remarkably calm about that though and barely batted an eyelid.  We then of course met the Waitrose van coming back but this time I made sure we were well out of the way.


Galahad and I had a very calm ride really and only met one car.  They were extremely good at slowing down to pass us – so much so that Galahad started to grow restless waiting on the verge.  I had pulled him up from what he thought was going to be a canter and he was not overly happy about it.  It was lovely to see that the driver was so aware of slowing down to pass us though.

As you can see, it was rather a wet day but we had a great time!

Scary Traffic Signs

Recently there were some roadworks not far from our house.  In fact, the end of our lane was opposite the 200 yard warning sign for the traffic lights.  Of course,  to the ponies it was a Very Scary Object.

They were reluctant to go past it but once Galahad had decided it was safe he typically wanted to go over for a better look.  Normally that would be fine but the road is all bends and cars tend to drive rather fast.  We had to satisfy ourselves with a good stare from a distance.


The rest of our ride was very uneventful  – although the ponies were surprised to see the sign still there when we came back.  We are still enjoying some lovely spring weather and our hacks are consequently very peaceful and rather wonderful.