Shiny New Road

We had a very exciting time this week – the lane up the hill was closed for roadworks and we had our own private set of traffic lights.


We went out for our hack once the men had all gone home for the night and got to meet lots of scary things.  There were plenty of traffic cones – some with lovely raised ironworks.


We had to have a close look and a snort at all of them and Galahad felt very tense the whole way up the hill.  He didn’t actually spook once though so I was very proud of him.

There were some very good surface changes for us to practise on too – although they were apparently not nearly as scary as the signs and the cones!


When we went out for our ride this morning the road had been finished and we had a lovely, brand new surface to explore.  We did have to be a little careful coming back down though – new roads can be slippery!


Hacking Excitement

On Sunday evening my sister and I went for a lovely long, sunny hack.  It was a bit more exciting than we had bargained for though!  We had just got through the village when another horse overtook us.  When it started trotting just ahead Galahad thought he was being left behind and cantered to catch up.  It was rather embarrassing but in his defence he has never really had the opportunity to learn that sometimes out hacking people do overtake and it isn’t necessary to keep up with them!

At my sister’s suggestion we took the next turning away from the other horse.  It meant that we went quite a distance out of our way but we got to ride on roads I used to hack along when I was about ten.  It was a lovely trip down memory lane.

We had great excitement part way round as there were some temporary traffic lights – I have never had to stop at them on a horse before!


Unfortunately, by the time I had taken the picture and we had let a car go through ahead of us the lights changed back to red.  We waited patiently, they went green, another car arrived and we again stood aside to let them through.  This car stopped to ask my sister if it was hot wearing her hat and as it drove off the lights changed again.  We would probably have been perfectly safe going through anyway but one can’t be sure so we waited some more. The lights didn’t change. My sister rode right up to them and waved at the sensor but that didn’t work either so we decided to ride back a bit to see if a run up helped.  It did – we only went a few paces but as we turned the lights were already green so we charged at them to make sure we got through this time.  Of course, by the time we got to the other end they had changed again but at least we tried!

The final excitement came just before we reached home.  I could hear something rattly behind us and my sister shouted that it was a tractor.  I turned around to see a land rover.  Once it had got past us I questioned her description and she replied that she had been trying to think of a word to describe something bigger than a car!

We had a lovely ride.  It is not often that we get to hack out together so it was nice that we ended up having such a long ride.  Even if it was by accident.