Portly Ponies

This week has been rather interesting.  Just as I thought I might be able to start riding again I had a coughing fit and pulled a whole new set of muscles in my side.  I literally couldn’t stand upright.  The muscles are healing now but the cough is still here and I am still not on the ponies.

It sounds a bit pathetic to let a cough stop me riding but if I had a coughing fit on Galahad he would throw a fit of his own and I would have no chance of stopping him.   The trouble is that I can see the ponies gaining weight and that is definitely a bad thing.


I have decided to give in to the inevitable and send them to my riding instructor for a few weeks.  They were due to go soon anyway for their annual back and teeth checks and this way they will at least be getting some exercise.   We have put a lot of work into keeping them trim and I don’t want it all to go to waste!


I will also be taking a bit of a break from blogging – just until I am back in the saddle.  Surely it won’t be that long now!

Not According to Plan

The ponies are having an impromptu holiday.


I mentioned last week that I had been unwell – I am not really any better and now I have pulled the muscles down one side as well.  All in all I’m feeling a bit fragile and sitting on a pony just seems a bit dangerous at the moment.

That doesn’t often stop me but you can tell I’m not feeling great – the ponies haven’t been ridden for a week.   That is a very rare occurrence and it is rather odd.  On the bright side, I’m sure they are loving their time off!


On a side note, yes Galahad should be wearing a fly mask too.  As he so often does he had pulled it off right at the far end of the field.  Such is life.