It has been a very strange week for all of us but there have been some lovely, positive moments for us here as well.

Firstly, Galahad has a cheerful new set of ears which is really brightening up our hacks.


Secondly – as you can see if you look closely – the pussy willow is coming out and spring is definitely springing.  It is always a wonderful feeling.


Today has been utterly glorious, with blue skies all day long.  I managed to sit outside with my cup of tea and even felt like I was running the risk of burning.  The dog had some time in the sun and Galahad enjoyed a day without his rug.  I’m pretty sure he appreciated that!

Keeping Cool

It is rather hot at the moment and we are doing everything we can to keep cool.  Even when the ponies have full access to the field they more often than not choose to spend the day in the stables as it is so much cooler inside.


So far this week I have ridden at eight in the morning and eight in the evening.  It is still very hot at both of those times – 28°C this evening!  That’s uncomfortable enough and I’m not sure Galahad and I could cope with riding in the middle of the day.


We are therefore taking things pretty gently at the moment.  We have a very steep hill at the end of our lane which we normally trot up but we have been walking for the past few days.  One benefit of overgrown hedges is that when the sun is getting low they provide plenty of very welcome shade.


I hope you and your ponies are managing not to overheat!

Playing in the Sunshine

We have had some simply glorious weather this week.  I don’t think there was any rain at all and although the last couple of days have been distinctly chilly we have had some wonderful sunshine.  The fields are beginning  (touch wood) to dry out nicely and things just seem a lot more cheerful when the sun shines.

The ground is really a bit too cut up for serious schooling but I have taken advantage of the drier ground to vary our rides by hacking round the fields.  It makes things more interesting for the ponies and it means we can have a bit more of a canter than the six strides we can fit on the verge.


It has also allowed us to have a paddle in the stream which is something we don’t do very often.  Strangely,  although Galahad has an aversion to puddles, he is quite happy walking into the stream.  Granted his head normally goes straight down to play with the water but at least he isn’t worried by it!


We had a lovely relaxing ride with no pressure to school and no worry about cars.  A perfect afternoon.

Spring, spring, spring!

It is starting to feel very spring like here.  The birds are singing, the sun  is shining  (not all the time but quite a lot) and the flowers are starting to bloom.  I am very much enjoying the primroses in the hedgerows.


I went into Galahad’s stable today and wondered why there was moss all over the floor.  Last year some birds started to build a nest on one of the beams.  They never finished it but someone is giving it a go now.  Hopefully they will have more luck than last year.

This week I have been practising mounting from a mounting block – or at any rate the wall which serves as a substitute.  We are going to another trec event soon and since we had so much trouble with this last time I thought we had better work on it.  Typically we had no difficulty all in the yard – if only we could do as well when we go out!  I even managed to get on from the wrong side a couple of times.  That didn’t go quite so well – Galahad moved a little each time – but that was entirely my fault.  I am just very bad at mounting from the off side.  Something for us both to work on.

A sunny Sunday jaunt

For the last few days we have been having some lovely weather.  Pretty cold but bright and sunny.  The fields are starting to dry out – hurrah!

This afternoon I took advantage of the the weather to explore a new direction for Galahad.  We hacked right up the hill and had a little wander through the village.  We set out at lunchtime hoping that everyone would be inside having their Sunday roasts and it seemed to work – we didn’t meet a single car on the way up the hill.  We had to walk quite slowly though – Galahad has been that way before but not very often so he had to make absolutely sure everything was safe.  Very excitingly we met two horses going the other way.  That made us speed up!


The village itself was a (very) little busier but I was so proud of Galahad.  He wasn’t fazed by the cars or the people and we went past a building site and a bonfire with no trouble at all.  Although he is very nervous he is also incredibly curious/nosy which helps a lot!

Coming back down the hill a man paused in his gardening for a chat.  At first Galahad was very restive and wanted to get home but after a couple of tries he stood perfectly still on a slack rein.  Such a good pony!


We had some lovely views across the valley and beyond that as far as Exmoor.  It really has been a beautiful day.  Galahad was noticeably faster on the way down though.  He doesn’t care much for the view.


We had a gorgeous ride and I am so looking forward to my next day off when hopefully we will be able to do it again, or even explore a little further!