Jungle Pony

One of our hacking routes takes us up a very overgrown lane.  Galahad used to object strongly to walking up it but now he amazes me by the way he so willingly walks through a wall of greenery.

He normally comes out the far side rather well decorated. I haven’t managed to get a great picture but he does tend to look very pretty!


It is definitely worth fighting our way through though – we get to go much further afield this way and the views are stunning.


We have been having some lovely hacks, meandering through the countryside. It is too hot to do anything too strenuous but we are enjoying exploring nonetheless. I think Galahad enjoys his baths afterwards too!

Summer Days

My routine has changed a little this week.  I have been too tired and/or lazy to get up in time to ride before work so I have had to do so afterwards.  I have been getting home a bit later than normal but thanks to the lovely long evenings there has still been enough time to ride.


We have had some wonderful, relaxing hacks in the evening sunshine.  The evenings have been very still and beautiful this week and it has been lovely to be outside.


I have been enjoying myself very much – our rides have been the perfect way to end the day.


Early Morning Rambling

Last week Galahad had another back check – just to make sure everything was progressing as it should be.  Thankfully he was showing some improvement but he still had the full treatment and a lot of work on his quarters to try and help them work properly.  I was pleased with his progress though and I just need to keep working at the groundwork.  Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on him and if I think it necessary he can always have another check.


Galahad had a day off afterwards and we then spent a few days just going out on gentle hacks.


Most of our riding has been done in the early morning before I go to work.  I am not really a morning person but once I  have managed to force myself out of bed I love being outside early – spending time with the ponies and hacking out.  Even the sheep have still been asleep!



An added bonus is that there are usually less flies around then!    It has been a wonderful week.