Getting Kitted Out

Since Galahad has now done two whole cross country competitions I decided it was time to get a hat cover and saddlecloth to match my cross country colours.


Obviously that’s just an excuse to treat myself to some horsey goodies  (although I do have another competition coming up soon).

I went through a phase a few years ago when I fell off every time I wore something new.  Even now I still make sure that I never wear anything for the first time at a competition – just in case.


Naturally this meant that I had to try out the new colours on a normal ride and I am pleased to say that they worked very well and fit nicely.  I am starting to feel like a proper competitor!  Best of all, I didn’t fall off – hurrah!

Horsey Shopping

Last weekend I visited my Uncle in Surrey.  Whilst we were there he took me to Snack and Tack  – an equestrian and pet shop.  It was amazing!  There was so much variety in the products they had there.  Our local tack shops are good but just can’t carry so many different items of stock.

Naturally I had to buy something.  I was thinking of something like some new riding socks but then I came across the display of breeches and I fell in love with a pair from Equetech with the most beautiful non slip seat.


I just had to have them – we don’t get pretty breeches here!

I was very brave and rode out alone the first time I wore them.  Ever since I was small I have had a superstition about riding with new things – I went through a phase of falling off every time I did so.  So much so that when I was given a new pair of spurs just before a show I had to wear them just to hack around the showground the day before.  It kind of worked – I didn’t fall off in the competition but I did get eliminated for too many refusals!


Luckily these breeches did not make me fall off and I still love them.  Galahad was looking at everything that could be considered remotely scary but didn’t do anything stupid.  For anyone who might be interested it turns out that it is the concrete slabs he finds objectionable – the Christmas wreath is perfectly normal!

Delivery Service

The ponies and I have again been acting as a delivery service for my neighbour.  She had asked me to get some shopping which Galahad and I carried up with no trouble in a backpack.  The pony express is a lot more fun than using the car or delivering on foot!

I then rode out on Cookster and noticed that there was a newspaper waiting at the bottom of the hill so we took that up as well.  It is something we have done often before but this time I was wearing a hoody so I could actually carry it hands free which was such a luxury!


It was good to have two hands for the reins but the paper was a little in the way of my arms.  I probably didn’t look the most elegant!