Galahad’s New Clothes

Galahad’s haircut obviously necessitated an addition to his wardrobe.  It is a bit too cold for him to be without a rug now!


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph of it when it was brand new and clean and it didn’t take long for Galahad to make it look rather used.  It isn’t just the mud – he has caught it on brambles several times and has even managed to tear the lining a bit.


He has been very good about wearing it though.  He still sometimes rolls his eyes a bit when I approach him with it but he stands still to let me put it on.  He even lets me do it when he is loose which is very useful!


Look how smart he is!

I have also finally been able to use his fleece blanket in earnest.  We went out with the riding club last weekend and as it was rather cold and drizzly I kept the blanket on whilst I was riding around outside the ring.  I was sure he would not like that at all but he barely seemed to notice.  Which was great as it meant I could use the front of the blanket to keep my own legs dry when it started raining properly!

Cosy Pony

After the awful weather at Galahad’s first show I  decided it was time to get him a rug.  Obviously as an Exmoor he doesn’t usually need one but spending half a day stood still in driving rain isn’t something a sensible pony would normally do.  Galahad is pretty good at sheltering from the rain but being tied to a horse box limits his movement somewhat!  If it happens again I can at least throw a rug over him to keep off the worst of the weather.


I just got a fleece rug which should keep most of the rain off him without making him too warm.  He has been practising wearing it for a week or two now and doesn’t seem to mind at all.  If he is loose when I put it on he sometimes rolls his eyes a bit but no more than that.

My sister’s pony is fascinated by the whole thing.  He seems to think that the rug looks good to eat and is constantly sniffing at it.  Certain fabrics have always been irresistible to him.  He always tries to lick my riding jacket but ignores other coats.


The photograph looks like he is trying to take a chunk out of Galahad which he really wasn’t.  He was mostly just sniffing the rug and I took a very badly timed picture!