Shiny New Road

We had a very exciting time this week – the lane up the hill was closed for roadworks and we had our own private set of traffic lights.


We went out for our hack once the men had all gone home for the night and got to meet lots of scary things.  There were plenty of traffic cones – some with lovely raised ironworks.


We had to have a close look and a snort at all of them and Galahad felt very tense the whole way up the hill.  He didn’t actually spook once though so I was very proud of him.

There were some very good surface changes for us to practise on too – although they were apparently not nearly as scary as the signs and the cones!


When we went out for our ride this morning the road had been finished and we had a lovely, brand new surface to explore.  We did have to be a little careful coming back down though – new roads can be slippery!


Scary Traffic Signs

Recently there were some roadworks not far from our house.  In fact, the end of our lane was opposite the 200 yard warning sign for the traffic lights.  Of course,  to the ponies it was a Very Scary Object.

They were reluctant to go past it but once Galahad had decided it was safe he typically wanted to go over for a better look.  Normally that would be fine but the road is all bends and cars tend to drive rather fast.  We had to satisfy ourselves with a good stare from a distance.


The rest of our ride was very uneventful  – although the ponies were surprised to see the sign still there when we came back.  We are still enjoying some lovely spring weather and our hacks are consequently very peaceful and rather wonderful.