A Pony Called Secret

It is no secret that I love reading pony books.  I have never really grown up I think and I read all I can get my hands on.


I was therefore very excited last year when Nosy Crow sent me a review copy of A Pony Called Secret: A New Beginning – the first book in a new series by Olivia Tuffin – the author of the very popular Palomino Pony series.


Secret is the son of Lily – the Palomino Pony – and belongs to Alice Smalley who featured in The Palomino Pony Wins Through.  Secret is rather a handful and Alice is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be able to train him.  Then she meets Finn – a fearless rider who has an amazing way with horses.  He could be just the help Alice needs – if only he wan’t so moody!

I enjoyed the Palomino Pony books so I knew I would like this one but it was even better than I expected.  Alice’s struggles with Secret reminded me very much of the problems I had with Galahad and it is always good to feel that you are not suffering alone!


It took me a few months to get around to reading this but I will definitely be reading the second book in the series which has just recently been published.  I can’t wait!

Pony Reading

When I am not riding I spend some of my time selling vintage books at book fairs.  I collect books I love for my stand and strangely  a lot of these are pony books!


I often feel very sad to see them go because I do still enjoy reading them – they are especially perfect if I am feeling a bit ill or low.  I console myself with the thought that I can use the money to buy new books!


I spent today at the book fair at Appledore Book Festival and had a great time.  I really enjoy talking to people about the books and this is one of my favourite festivals.  Who wouldn’t enjoy this view?


Pony Reading

It seems that I have read rather a lot of pony books over the last couple of weeks.


I  go through phases where I will read one pony book after another and completely immerse myself in them.  I have to force myself to read something different and break the run.

There is just something so cosy about them and I suppose a bit of nostalgia for my childhood spent reading them.  I  tend to read more vintage books than modern ones and there are so many that I think I could keep reading for the rest of my life without repeating myself!

I am particularly fond of the Pullein-Thompsons, Ruby Ferguson and Monica Edwards – although hers can be hard to find. Having said that, I love Patricia Leitch, Gillian Baxter, Joanna Cannan…  I  think my favourite might depend on who I happen to have read most recently!


Once the ponies are done for the evening the best way to finish the day is curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a pony book.  Bliss!