Delivery Service

The ponies and I have again been acting as a delivery service for my neighbour.  She had asked me to get some shopping which Galahad and I carried up with no trouble in a backpack.  The pony express is a lot more fun than using the car or delivering on foot!

I then rode out on Cookster and noticed that there was a newspaper waiting at the bottom of the hill so we took that up as well.  It is something we have done often before but this time I was wearing a hoody so I could actually carry it hands free which was such a luxury!


It was good to have two hands for the reins but the paper was a little in the way of my arms.  I probably didn’t look the most elegant!


On Easter Monday morning there was glorious sunshine when I let the ponies out.  My sister and I missed the best of the weather for our hack but it was still nice enough to ride without a coat.  At least, I didn’t wear one.  She has no pockets in her jodhpurs and so needed the coat to carry her phone.  It was starting to get a bit warm to be comfortable though.

We collected our neighbour’s paper and set off up the hill.  I have to admit to hurrying Galahad a bit as there was a nasty black cloud off to the right.  Sadly we didn’t hurry enough and before we reached the top of the hill the heavens opened.  Not just with rain – with biting hail which numbed the side of my face and sent both ponies straight into the hedge so they could turn their heads away.  Apparently that wasn’t much relief though as they were soon keen to be moving again  – faster than before! – and we soon reached the postbox which is handily inside a barn.  It gave us a very good excuse for sheltering inside!


Galahad was quite happy to stay indoors but Cookster prefers moving about so was pretty soon outside again.


Luckily the worst of the shower was over by then but my sister was suddenly very happy to be wearing her coat!

In which Galahad is a Very Brave Pony

As Galahad and I went out the other morning I noticed my neighbour’s newspaper waiting at the bottom of the lane. I normally take it up if we have time to get as far as her house so we collected it and went on our way.  We were having a lovely ride and enjoying ourselves very much.  I could hear a saw somewhere but it wasn’t bothering us and I didn’t really think very much about it.

Until we got to the top of the hill.  The postbox is inside a barn.  In the doorway was a tractor with a belt running from it into the barn and powering the saw.  It was all suddenly rather noisy!

I clearly couldn’t get into the barn and I was a bit reluctant to take Galahad through the garden to the front door.  In future I will try to remember to take a headcollar and leadrope with me – then at least I could tie him up.  Luckily, as I stood dithering my neighbour saw me and came out to fetch the paper.  She was very impressed with Galahad  and kept saying how brave he was (he was behaving very well and we were only a few feet from the tractor and saw).


A Very Brave Pony 

It wasn’t until afterwards that it occurred to me that I had just led him past the tractor without really thinking about it.  A year or two ago I would have been worrying about his reaction to all the noise but now I just assume that he will be okay.  Obviously I am still alert to the possibility of spooking but it shows that he really has improved.  Brave Pony indeed!