Early Morning Rambling

Last week Galahad had another back check – just to make sure everything was progressing as it should be.  Thankfully he was showing some improvement but he still had the full treatment and a lot of work on his quarters to try and help them work properly.  I was pleased with his progress though and I just need to keep working at the groundwork.  Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on him and if I think it necessary he can always have another check.


Galahad had a day off afterwards and we then spent a few days just going out on gentle hacks.


Most of our riding has been done in the early morning before I go to work.  I am not really a morning person but once I  have managed to force myself out of bed I love being outside early – spending time with the ponies and hacking out.  Even the sheep have still been asleep!



An added bonus is that there are usually less flies around then!    It has been a wonderful week.