A Horsey Weekend

The ponies are away for a couple of weeks again as we join in with my riding instructor’s horses for visits from the dentist and the back lady.  They saw the dentist on Thursday and were apparently very well behaved – I was at work so couldn’t be there.

It is very strange not having them at home.  Yesterday I had lessons on both of them in the morning and when I came home I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Normally if I have been out in the morning I come home and ride the ponies.  Yesterday I didn’t even have any mucking out to do!  It was most odd but I managed to occupy myself by watching the livestreams of Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Event Rider Masters at Chatsworth.  I just about had enough wifi signal to watch under the apple tree in the garden.  It was lovely!


Galahad’s lesson went very well.  He felt a little stiff to start with but did loosen up and felt much better by the end.  I had a bit of trouble getting the correct canter lead on the right rein though.  A lot of that was due to him having a good look at things going on outside the school and bending the wrong way.

We had a great jumping session as well.  We began at about two foot which is probably the highest he has jumped to start – normally we work up from much smaller jumps.  We jumped all the scary jumps without a single run out and even went straight over the barrel, although Galahad had a good look at it first!  The first time we had a guide pole up at the side to help us but in our second round it was gone and we still sailed over.  We finished with a fairly substantial spread which Galahad flew over.  He is getting stretched a little more every time we go out but is taking it all in his stride.  Clever pony!

Beautiful Badminton

I couldn’t get to Badminton this year but I still had a brilliant weekend. At first I thought there was going to be as little coverage as usual  – the BBC was only showing the cross country and a highlights show on Sunday which usually includes about five show jumping rounds.  It is especially annoying because if I didn’t live in the UK I could get a subscription to FEITV and watch the entire thing.

Right at the last minute though – Wednesday evening – I discovered that Badminton were live streaming everything not being shown on the BBC – amazing news!  I was working on Thursday and Friday but my breaks were basically spent in the staffroom watching the dressage.  I even managed to time one break perfectly to watch Emily King’s test – it was beautiful.


Saturday afternoon was spent entirely on the sofa watching the cross country. It seemed to be a really good course and was certainly exciting to watch!


This morning we actually got a livestream of the trot up which is something I love to watch.  We made ourselves the picnic we would usually take to watch it at Badminton and just ate it inside this time.


I was very pleased to see all of the show jumping – the last five is just not enough.  It was nail biting right to the end.  Literally – I got very worked up!  I am always disappointed when a Brit doesn’t triumph but Michael Jung definitely deserved to win and Gemma Tatteersall had an amazing round to be best of the Brits.

A huge bonus – because I wasn’t expecting it (although I hoped for it) – was being able to watch the prize giving.  We even got to see the parade of hounds.  It has always seemed such a shame that the broadcast cuts off as soon as the jumping stops.  The livestream has been amazing all weekend and I am so glad it was there.