Muddy Lanes and Christmas Wreaths

We recently had some work done on our lane – the ditch was re-excavated and the mud and grass was scraped off the middle.   It is looking a lot nicer and the puddles have pretty much gone which is excellent.


It is a bit muddy at the moment but that is just because the digger was driving up and down all morning.  It will dry!

Galahad – who can be a bit spooky walking on an unusual surface – didn’t bat an eyelid at it.  However, he did have a massive spook both going out and coming in through the gate.  I couldn’t decide whether he was objecting to the concrete slab which got left in the hedge when the digger had gone:


Or whether he didn’t like the Christmas wreath on the gate.


Either way, he wasn’t happy!

Mountaineering Ponies!

Since the ponies’ field is still lacking a bit grass-wise I decided to let them loose in the lane.  There is plenty of grass there  – nothing gets to eat it!  I tied the gate onto the road shut for extra security and parked the car across the house end.  It seemed fairly certain that would work  – the lane was completely blocked and besides, why would they want to leave all that grass?


When I opened the field gate they came running but their heads went down as soon as they were through and they didn’t move any further!  They were definitely happy.

However, when I went to get them in it was dark and they were nowhere to be seen.  We scoured the entire length of the lane and even started checking for hoof prints at any potentially weak point in the hedge.  They definitely hadn’t got through the gate but I was getting seriously concerned until I spotted them right down by the house.  They had climbed the bank to get round the car.  They were fine but they are certainly determined little ponies!