Exciting Times

Exciting things are happening here!

This year – for what is probably the first time – I have actually put all my jumps away for the winter at a decent time. As in, not in February when it is nearly time to get them out again. Although when I say I did it I really mean we – my parents were brilliant and helped me out.

Not that this means I am suddenly super organised. No, this productivity is just because I have entered an online dressage competition and I needed the space to set out a dressage arena. My flatwork is usually done around the jumps but that doesn’t really go down so well in an actual test.

Once again, my parents helped me mark it out properly – it would have taken me forever to do it all myself. We even did the maths to make sure the corners really were right angles.

The dog was not at all interested in the process but she did have fun making one last use of the jumps before they went away.

The ponies of course couldn’t care less.

It is all looking rather lovely and I am very pleased to see it. All it needs now is the actual riding of the test!


Every winter when the field gets too wet for riding I have to put all the jumps and dressage markers away.  Inevitably, I’m not very good at doing that and so they often don’t get put away until it is basically time to get them out again.  Even then, they would probably just stay where they were if it were not for the fact that the field needs harrowing and that’s a lot easier if there are no jumps in the way.


That time had finally come so the dog and I spent a very hot afternoon lugging poles across the field.  At least, I carried them – the dog just jumped over them.


It seems only a few weeks ago that we were knee deep in mud but the dry weather we have had since lockdown started means that the fields are now bone dry and the harrow kicked up a huge cloud of dust.  I only did a tiny bit of the field but my Dad – who did most of the work – had to wear a mask for the worst parts.


It was warm work but the field looks so much better for it now.

Job Satisfaction

I am terrible at procrastination.  I seem to have a constant list of small jobs which need doing but something more important comes up and after all they can always be done tomorrow.  Last weekend though I had a free day and made the most of it to get some yard chores done.


My jumps have been lying in the field for the last few weeks – unusable because the ground is so slippery.  I have been wanting to get them put away – obviously I don’t want them to rot!


Sorry the picture is so blurry – it doesn’t look it but it was getting dark!

As is almost always the case it turned out to be a much smaller job than I had anticipated and didn’t take long at all.  They are still outside but they are not sitting in the wet any more which is the main thing.  Hopefully I will get around to painting them this winter.



I also managed to get the yard properly cleaned and swept.  I keep it pretty clean anyway but the ponies are always tracking in mud which needs scraping off every so often.  Again,something I have been putting off for a while!


Lastly I filled the water trough.  Obviously, it always has water in it but if I am in a hurry – and I usually am – I just make sure that there is enough in it to last the day.  It takes quite a long time to fill the whole thing but it does mean it won’t need doing again for a few days.

It is incredible satisfying to get the yard chores done.  Having the afternoon to do them all made me feel like a proper equestrian!

Exciting New Additions

I recently had a birthday and one of the most exciting things I received was this.


I have to admit I had no idea what it was when I unwrapped it and it took me a while to work it out but when I finally did I was thrilled!  I then had to go outside to find these in the field.


Aren’t they wonderful?  The tallest is five foot and whilst we obviously won’t be jumping that high it turns out it is pretty good for practising low branches for trec.


Just not when I am on board.

It will be lovely to have some proper jumps to use now.  I can’t wait for the ground to dry out so we can give them a go.  Galahad should like them too as he does love to jump.  Although, the first time he caught sight of them I was riding him and he was taken by surprise.  Cue a massive spook and a mad dash toward home.  He still likes to keep me on my toes!

A Very Horsey Weekend

I think Galahad  enjoyed his week off.


He managed to cover himself in mud and is looking a bit tubby!

It was lovely to get back in the saddle this weekend.  As neither pony had been ridden for a week I just took them out for a hack.  It was a glorious morning and we had a great time.  Galahad and I acted as a newspaper delivery – my neighbour has a delivery every day but it is dropped off at the bottom of the hill about a mile from her house.  If it is there when I ride past I tend to take it up for her.


It is times like this that I realise how far Galahad has come.  He stood like a rock while I messed about with the paper and behaved very well when I was carrying it up the hill.  There are two papers on a Saturday which makes it more tricky and it was only as I went past that I remembered I hadn’t ridden him that way since I fell off the other week.  I was a bit concerned he might get worried whilst I was riding one handed but he didn’t react at all.

I also took him for a canter in the fields.  They are always a bit wet even in summer and I think they are getting past the point where they are rideable now.  It’s not dangerous yet but we left quite a few hoof prints and as it isn’t our field I don’t like to make a mess of it.

Galahad was feeling rather fresh and he showed that he really does like going fast.  I got asked a couple of weeks ago if I can stop him when he takes off and I found that the answer is, ‘Sometimes.’  If I catch him early enough I don’t have much of a problem but it is harder once he gets going properly.  I discovered that I can be quite ineffective as a rider too – once I start to think something risky is inevitable I tend to just hang on until it is over and then start trying again afterwards.  Not that Galahad is actually dangerous – he just can gallop rather fast!

In other news we have had some work done our trees which has left us with a rather large pile of logs to burn but we also have these to jump:


I can’t wait to get them moved so we can jump them before the ground gets too wet.  As you can see we are rather excited!