Not According to Plan

The ponies are having an impromptu holiday.


I mentioned last week that I had been unwell – I am not really any better and now I have pulled the muscles down one side as well.  All in all I’m feeling a bit fragile and sitting on a pony just seems a bit dangerous at the moment.

That doesn’t often stop me but you can tell I’m not feeling great – the ponies haven’t been ridden for a week.   That is a very rare occurrence and it is rather odd.  On the bright side, I’m sure they are loving their time off!


On a side note, yes Galahad should be wearing a fly mask too.  As he so often does he had pulled it off right at the far end of the field.  Such is life.

Living the Dream

Sometimes living the dream is hard.

After our show last Sunday it took me nearly a week to get back in the saddle.  I finished the day utterly exhausted – which is fairly standard – but also coughing which is definitely not.  It turned out that I was coming down with a shocking cold which has left me feeling drained all week.  All I felt like doing was crawling out of bed to feed the ponies, heading off to work, coming home to sort the ponies again and falling back into bed.   It didn’t help that I was working away on Wednesday and Thursday so wasn’t even home on Wednesday night.  The poor ponies have had most of the week to themselves.   Not that I suppose they mind in the least.


Yesterday I was still tired after work but I was fed up with not feeling up to riding and I forced myself out to the stables.  Cookster and I had a lovely relaxing hack up the hill which reminded me just how much I love to ride.  It was a beautiful evening and there was nobody about but us and the sheep.  If I am feeling a bit low or ill it can seem such a huge effort just to go outside but it is so worth it when I do.