Holiday at Home

I have been working very long hours this week – almost double what I normally do.  I am utterly exhausted now but I have actually had a great time working at the Appledore Book Festival and I wouldn’t want to change it.

However, it has meant that I have had to neglect the ponies a bit.  Obviously I have made sure that they are fed and watered but that has been about it.  My Dad has done a sterling job of turning them out and bringing them in when necessary.

I think they have been a bit lonely though – they have started turning up at coffee time looking for company (and possibly treats!).


This coming week should be more normal and I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle.  First though I need to sleep!

Equestrian Scotland

I am just back from spending a week in Scotland, a place which I love.  I didn’t have much time with horses while I was up there but I did find these very cute ponies at the Highland Folk Museum (which is such a fascinating place to visit and I would highly recommend it if you are ever in the area).


I was staying in Pitlochry and since I was so close I had to visit two very famous horses.


They are of course not horses at all but kelpies and they are simply magnificent.  They are huge (the tallest equestrian sculpture in the world) and yet they are remarkably lifelike.


We got to go inside one of them which was brilliant and the engineering involved is incredible.


It was a great day and I was so glad we had made the trip.  I had a wonderful time for the whole week but it is always good to be back behind these ears again.


Days Off

Yesterday was an off day for me riding wise.  I mentioned in my last post that I have been watching a lot of the Olympics recently and as it is in Korea most of the coverage is overnight here.  Which means that I have missed quite a bit of sleep over the past few weeks.


I am one of those people who need about eight hours sleep a night – although I’m not very good at making sure that I get that!  I have therefore been suffering a bit from lack of sleep and yesterday I ended up not riding at all.

Sometimes that’s okay though.  The ponies don’t care – as long as they are warm and fed they are perfectly happy.  There are some days when it is important to take time to recover.

Not that I didn’t spend time with the ponies.  I still had stables (and a sheep pen!) to muck out and a dog to exercise.  She tried to be helpful too by carrying a whole section of hay across the yard.  I was not impressed and neither were the ponies who exploded!


It was a beautiful day and I very much enjoyed my time outside.  The time to rest definitely helped too and this morning I was back to business as usual.


Riding into the New Year

The weather this morning was rather nice but we wasted it as my sister was making a trifle and I curled up with a book.  By the time we got out to ride it was pouring with rain so we dragged on all of our waterproofs.

Naturally, it stopped raining as soon as we were tacked up and ready to ride – I’m sure that if we had decided against waterproofs the rain would have got worse!  However, at least it meant that we had a lovely, dry ride out.


We had a great time and I think the ponies enjoyed it too despite our making them splash through the puddles.

The only downside was that Galahad thought the perfect place to stop for a poo was right outside our neighbours’ house.  I got off to clear it into the hedge and they came out of the house just as I was doing so.  We had a nice chat and I don’t think they realised what I was doing… They didn’t mention it anyway!


We had some chores to do outside and just as we got back indoors the heavens opened again.  We timed our outing perfectly!

Having a Holiday

I am just back from spending a few days on a choir trip to Normandy where I had a fantastic time.


This was the horse drawn shuttle bus for Mont-Saint-Michel.  I didn’t get to have a ride but it was good to see that it was there.

Obviously, I couldn’t take the ponies so my sister was looking after them for me.  At one point though, somebody left a gate open and Cookster got into the garden.


Naturally, Galahad is far too well behaved to do something like that – he was there to show where they were meant to be!


Not According to Plan

The ponies are having an impromptu holiday.


I mentioned last week that I had been unwell – I am not really any better and now I have pulled the muscles down one side as well.  All in all I’m feeling a bit fragile and sitting on a pony just seems a bit dangerous at the moment.

That doesn’t often stop me but you can tell I’m not feeling great – the ponies haven’t been ridden for a week.   That is a very rare occurrence and it is rather odd.  On the bright side, I’m sure they are loving their time off!


On a side note, yes Galahad should be wearing a fly mask too.  As he so often does he had pulled it off right at the far end of the field.  Such is life.

Furry Friend

Look who Cookster and I met on our hack!


He popped out of the grass just ahead of us and was not at all shy about being photgraphed.


I am now going camping for a week so will be missing a few blog posts.  I hope to be back refreshed and rejuvenated next week.