The ponies have had a very exciting week as the tractor came to trim our hedges. They have obviously seen the tractor before and as one of their fields is next to a main road they see both tractors and huge lorries go past all the time without turning a hair. They still had to run away from this one though – maybe it was more threatening because it was invading their space.

However, they didn’t panic and it wasn’t long before they stopped running and stood to watch. They were still jittery though and kept a close eye on the tractor’s movements. They were very careful to keep a safe distance away from it!

It was good to get the hedges done – they look so much nicer and neater now. We were lucky too that although we have had a lot of rain recently – and the fields are rather wet now – the tractor didn’t actually make too much of a mess of the ground. I thought it would be a quagmire but it stood up pretty well. Hedgetrimming smells so nice too – it was a good day!

Tale of a Tail

Galahad’s tail is usually pretty pathetic.  He has a gorgeous, thick mane and forelock but his tail – despite being long – is also normally very thin and weedy.


Funnily enough, I don’t go around photographing his tail. This was the best illustration I could find.

It does improve slowly over time and then disappears again, so much so that people actually ask what I have done to it.  The answer is nothing but I think this could be said to be the culprit.


Galahad spends a lot of time in fields enclosed by hedges and he likes to eat things from the hedge.  Clearly this means his tail has to be punished!