After my very exciting hack with Cookster last week, this week has been a lot more relaxed.


In fact, I haven’t been able to ride all that much as I have been having to work extra hours.  I have managed to get out a few times but the ponies have also been spending a lot of time in the field.  Not that they mind that at all!

We had a lot of rain last weekend but for the past few days we have been back to glorious sunshine.  It has been perfect for riding and when I have managed a hack I have very much appreciated that!


There is nothing quite like a gentle hack to make one feel happier and relaxed.  I would recommend it to anyone.




Look what we now have enough light for before I go to work!


It has been wonderful to be able to ride every day.  No one else is about so it is just me and the pony.  Plus a lot of birds singing.  It is the best start to the day!  We probably haven’t been riding for quite as long as normal but that is no fault of the light – I am just struggling to adjust to the earlier mornings.  They are so worth it though.  We have enjoyed several misty hacks and have seen some pretty dramatic clouds forming.


Luckily we haven’t got too wet though!  We have however made friends with this year’s crop of lambs.


At any rate, we looked at them and they looked back.  I’m pretty sure that counts!

Winter Wonderland

For the past few weeks I seem to have been spending a lot of my riding time grooming  instead.  This is the state in which I normally find Galahad these days.


The ground is just so wet everywhere – we can’t escape the mud!

This morning however it was a different story entirely.  We had a proper hard frost – definitely the coldest it has been this winter – and everything was transformed.  The mud was no longer an issue as I could just walk along on top of it which was lovely.  It was a simply beautiful morning.


I realise that the cold brings problems of its own but I am always very appreciative of this weather.  It isn’t wet for one thing!  Again – everything looks so lovely it is hard not to feel uplifted.


Plus, hopefully the ponies won’t get so muddy!