Seasonal Changes

Even though it has been very hot over the past few days there are definitely signs that autumn is on its way.  There is a very specific feeling in the air which always says autumn to me and that has been around for a while.


On Monday morning I rode early before work.  It was very misty in the valley but once I got up the hill a little way it was bright sunshine and there was a beautiful view over the mist.

There are also a lot of toadstools around at the moment.  There have been a huge number over the whole summer but now there are even more.  They are just so beautiful!


This weekend I will be at Burghley Horse Trials so I won’t be blogging on Sunday.   I have never been before so I am very much looking forward to it!

Changing Seasons

I think it is safe to say that autumn is properly upon us.  It is still pretty warm but there are now lovely, crunchy leaves lying about and this week I had to ride in a coat for what seemed like the first time in months.  Of course, I overheated and it promptly stopped raining but it had been absolutely pouring!

I am very much enjoying seeing the fruits of the season as I ride.  Obviously there are plenty of blackberries but I have also noticed a huge number of toadstools this year.  We did have a proper fairy ring but this is all that is left of it now.


This morning I also noticed this beautiful, tiny little one on my walk up to the yard.


It really is a lovely season!