Beautiful Autumn

Autumn might bring some problems for equestrians (mud, no light to ride…) but I do so love it.


The mornings are misty, the leaves are changing colour and everything is just beautiful.  Even the ponies are joining in.


Autumn really is one of my favourite times of the year.

Morning Mists

This week I seem to have spent a lot of time riding out in thick fog.


Don’t worry  – the visibility on the roads was much better than might be expected.


It was a bit disconcerting driving to the stables knowing that I was about to go out in the fog though!

Whilst the ponies have been away I have had some lovely rides.  It is good to have some different hacking once in a while and it is definitely nice to have some company sometimes.  The ponies have behaved very well and I think they enjoyed themselves too – they have a lot more energy when we hack out in company!

Winter Wonderland


It has been simply beautiful here this week with a hard frost that lasted all the way through to Friday.  I had to take ice off the water buckets every morning and the piles of ice are still there now.  As you can see, it has also been pretty foggy.


The mornings especially have been glorious with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.  Having said that, the evenings have been just as beautiful as the clear skies mean the stars are looking wonderful.


It has been pretty nice to walk over the top of frozen mud as well – much better than sticking in the wet stuff.  Not that we have too much mud yet as the weather has been so nice this autumn.  No doubt it will come!


Autumnal Riding

It is definitely feeling autumnal around here these days.  Most mornings I am riding out in the mist.


This rabbit was not at all bothered by the pony bearing down on it!

The mist means there are lots of beautiful, dew covered cobwebs all over the place.  Our morning rides are just magical.


Having said that, the last few mornings have been bright and sunny so perhaps autumn isn’t quite properly here yet!