Springing a Leak

We have had a lot of rain this week. The tack room ended up looking like this.


Obviously, this isn’t ideal!  It seems we need to do a little work on the roof.

On the bright side, the torrential rain does seem to have stopped for now and the weather has been wonderful over the weekend.


We went out for a lovely long hack through the fields.  The rain had flattened the grass and was still sitting in the seed heads.  The whole field was sparkling and it was absolutely beautiful.  I has been a good day.

Yet More Rain…

It has certainly been raining this weekend!  We went out on Saturday morning and when we got back the stream had risen higher than it has for years.  We have a field gate over the stream which we had to fight to open as bits of wood were being swept into it.  We were a bit concerned they would damage the gate!


I took advantage of the the time when I should have been at the dressage to clean the ponies’ trough and our rainwater tank which is something I have been meaning to do for a while.  I got filthy cleaning the tank and rather wet.  Now I just need to wait for it to refill – which shouldn’t take too long at the moment!

When we got out for our ride we found that the end of the lane had flooded again.  This time however Galahad walked straight through it – I was so pleased with him!  By the time we got back it was already starting to go down and the stream was a bit lower again too.  It is still flowing pretty fast though.


The good news is that the ponies’ colds definitely seem to be getting better – they got less puffed when we were out and they are coughing less too.  Hopefully they will be over it soon.