Galahad has a Haircut

It has got to the point where Galahad needs clipping.  I am able to ride every day now and it is warm enough to make him uncomfortable in his fur coat, even if we just go out for a short hack.  I have never clipped anything myself so the ponies went away to my riding instructor’s this week.  I spent the few days before they went trying to get Galahad used to the sound of the clippers.  Since we don’t own any I used a drill instead.  Without the actual drill in it of course!


I arrived for a lesson after work on the day the ponies went to find Galahad half clipped.  He had so much hair that it had taken an hour and three quarters just to get this far.


It wasn’t until the next day that he was finished.  He wore out three sets of blades in the process but as my instructor pointed out he has ten years worth of hair which has never really shed properly. Next year it should be much easier!


He has completely changed colour but is looking rather smart and his dapples are showing up rather well!  The training with the drill apparently paid off as although he was obviously rather scared about the clippers he stood very still.  He also seems to be coping pretty well with his lack of hair.  I didn’t know how he would react to being ridden but he behaved very well.  Now we should hopefully be able to get some proper schooling done without him getting too tired.