The Open Road

I have written several times about fighting my way up the lane when it gets overgrown – it’s incredible how fast everything can grow in the summer!  For a few weeks it got so overgrown that Galahad and I could not force our way through at all.

However, my parents have recently been doing a lot of work outside and also got a man in to help with cutting the undergrowth in the lane and scraping the surface back to its original stone level.  There is even a new gate at the top so I don’t have to get off to move the hurdle any more.  Such a luxury.


It is all looking a lot better, if still a little muddy.  The grass will grow though and I already have access to the longer rides we have been missing (and an indoor school just up the road!).  We have a lot to look forward to.


Fording the Torrent

Yesterday Galahad and I went for a hack along our most overgrown route.  Given the trouble I had to get him to walk through the brambles last time I decided to just lead him from the start.  The trouble was that the stream was a bit swollen by the recent rain.


Galahad was not impressed and categorically refused to be led through.  I had to get back on and ride him – apparently that was no problem at all!


I did have to get back off again to navigate the brambles but after that we had a lovely ride.  I had got rather wet riding Cookster but it cleared up nicely for Galahad and I.  Definitely worth the hassle!



Jungle Riding

Galahad and I recently went for a hack along a route we don’t take very often.  You could definitely tell!


It was so overgrown that Galahad refused to let me ride through it and I had to lead him.  He looked very fetching afterwards!


We had a lovely ride though.  It was a beautiful day and there was very little traffic.


We got to meet our new neighbours too which was good.  They have moved into a house which has had empty stables for years.  It was great to see horses there again!


Tale of a Tail

Galahad’s tail is usually pretty pathetic.  He has a gorgeous, thick mane and forelock but his tail – despite being long – is also normally very thin and weedy.


Funnily enough, I don’t go around photographing his tail. This was the best illustration I could find.

It does improve slowly over time and then disappears again, so much so that people actually ask what I have done to it.  The answer is nothing but I think this could be said to be the culprit.


Galahad spends a lot of time in fields enclosed by hedges and he likes to eat things from the hedge.  Clearly this means his tail has to be punished!