Summer Fêtes

It has been a rather busy week here as I have been preparing for my fist in-person show with my stationery. Yesterday I had a stall at a local fête and so all week I have been madly printing stationery and assembling packs of cards and letter paper. I also took along some of my vintage books to sell so I needed time to sort those as well. Naturally I made sure to have a good supply of pony books!

Not that Galahad got neglected. Months ago I booked a week’s annual leave to coincide with the second week of the Olympics – and specifically the eventing – so I still had plenty of time to ride even with all the extra time I was spending in my studio.

Riding took a definite back seat yesterday though as the fête absorbed all my time. Of course I did my usual yard chores but other than that I’m sure the ponies appreciated the day off. Not that I had a pony free day though – my favourite customer of the day was the cutest pony who was very interested in my cards!

Tomorrow I will be back at work so I am making the most of my last day of freedom to recover from the week – and of course that included a gentle ride. It has been an exhausting holiday!

A Very Different Show Time

Galahad and I haven’t been out to a single show this year, for very obvious reasons. We don’t normally go to all that many shows anyway but still it has been something fun that I have missed so when I got the chance to spruce him up and show him off I jumped at it.

I have an online book club with an amazing group of friends and we were inspired by some great book swap videos to create our own. With our shared love of the works of L M Montgomery we had to focus on her books and somebody mentioned that it would be great if we could have a pony and trap in the video. I don’t have a trap (I would love one!) but I do have easy access to the pony so Galahad was roped in to help.

It was a lot of fun to smarten him up and – until we added the flowers – it really did feel like a show day. I even painted his toes with hoof oil. Not that you can tell – they got muddy again befre we started filming. That’s pretty typical for a show day too though!

My sister was standing just out of shot while we were filming, ready to catch him if he got bored and wandered off but he was too busy wondering what on earth I was doing! He stood still and watched me the entire time we were filming and generally behaved perfectly. He really stole the show and was generally very cute.

If you’d like to see the full video, you can find it here on my Bookstagram account. You may notice that Galahad appears elsewhere on the page too!

I did show the video to Galahad – he was polite but not really interested. Cookster on the other hand was desperate to find out what was going on. I’m pretty sure he thought there was food involved!

Some good news – and a change

On Thursday Galahad had his six monthly back check.  For the first time ever he was fine and didn’t need any treatment.  I was so pleased!  It is wonderful to know that we are doing something right.


Apart from the obvious benefits for him healthwise, it is great news as it means I have been able to ride him instead of giving him a week off.  We had a lovely hack out on Friday evening and even managed to arrange a jumping lesson yesterday morning.  Galahad flew around the jumps in a lovely, flowing round.  Things are looking up.

I have mentioned before that I have a vintage book stall which I take to local shows.  I have now started a blog to go with it and have started to struggle a bit with the schedule of maintaining two separate blogs.  Therefore, I am going to cut this blog back from twice a week to once a week.


If you are interested in following my bookish adventures you can find them here.  Otherwise, I will be back here with Galahad next Sunday.

A Pony Called Secret

It is no secret that I love reading pony books.  I have never really grown up I think and I read all I can get my hands on.


I was therefore very excited last year when Nosy Crow sent me a review copy of A Pony Called Secret: A New Beginning – the first book in a new series by Olivia Tuffin – the author of the very popular Palomino Pony series.


Secret is the son of Lily – the Palomino Pony – and belongs to Alice Smalley who featured in The Palomino Pony Wins Through.  Secret is rather a handful and Alice is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be able to train him.  Then she meets Finn – a fearless rider who has an amazing way with horses.  He could be just the help Alice needs – if only he wan’t so moody!

I enjoyed the Palomino Pony books so I knew I would like this one but it was even better than I expected.  Alice’s struggles with Secret reminded me very much of the problems I had with Galahad and it is always good to feel that you are not suffering alone!


It took me a few months to get around to reading this but I will definitely be reading the second book in the series which has just recently been published.  I can’t wait!

A Tiring Week

Not a lot from me today as this week has been pretty busy and somewhat stressful.  For one thing, our kitchen was flooded by a tap left running!

I have spent today running a stall at a book fair.  I had a great time but it has been a long day and I am pretty tired now.


I did pick up Christine Pullein-Thompson’s autograph though.  It has been a pretty good day!


Pony Reading

When I am not riding I spend some of my time selling vintage books at book fairs.  I collect books I love for my stand and strangely  a lot of these are pony books!


I often feel very sad to see them go because I do still enjoy reading them – they are especially perfect if I am feeling a bit ill or low.  I console myself with the thought that I can use the money to buy new books!


I spent today at the book fair at Appledore Book Festival and had a great time.  I really enjoy talking to people about the books and this is one of my favourite festivals.  Who wouldn’t enjoy this view?


Pony Express

This week I did some shopping for my neighbour and  – as I do when I can – I delivered it by pony express.


Galahad has got used to me carrying things up the hill by now.  I quite often carry small things – or newspapers – in my hand but this time it seemed a much better idea to use a backpack.  We have done that before too, although only with one book.

This morning we had five books to carry, although it doesn’t  really make a difference.  Galahad certainly didn’t act as if he noticed but behaved very well.  He even barely reacted to a pheasant flying up right next to him.  This time I had my sister with me to hold him when we got there – normally I have to take him into the barn with me which  he did not like at first!  Now he seems to have got used to the idea and walks in quite happily.

We had a lovely calm ride and it was even warm enough to do without a coat.  Wonderful!

Pony Reading

It seems that I have read rather a lot of pony books over the last couple of weeks.


I  go through phases where I will read one pony book after another and completely immerse myself in them.  I have to force myself to read something different and break the run.

There is just something so cosy about them and I suppose a bit of nostalgia for my childhood spent reading them.  I  tend to read more vintage books than modern ones and there are so many that I think I could keep reading for the rest of my life without repeating myself!

I am particularly fond of the Pullein-Thompsons, Ruby Ferguson and Monica Edwards – although hers can be hard to find. Having said that, I love Patricia Leitch, Gillian Baxter, Joanna Cannan…  I  think my favourite might depend on who I happen to have read most recently!


Once the ponies are done for the evening the best way to finish the day is curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and a pony book.  Bliss!

Lazy Days

Things have been a bit quiet pony wise this week.  My riding time was severely limited but we did manage a couple of nice lazy hacks.

We have been having a bit of a play with liberty training which I love doing.  We are not very advanced – things like bowing are difficult for Galahad as they require a lot of trust.  We have fun playing though.DSCN3406

I moonlight selling vintage books at the odd book fair.  I spent today at a fair and was very excited to pick up a couple of new pony books which I am so looking forward to reading!  I read a LOT and obviously I love horses so I am always looking for more pony books, especially vintage ones.DSCN3411