A Tiring Week

Not a lot from me today as this week has been pretty busy and somewhat stressful.  For one thing, our kitchen was flooded by a tap left running!

I have spent today running a stall at a book fair.  I had a great time but it has been a long day and I am pretty tired now.


I did pick up Christine Pullein-Thompson’s autograph though.  It has been a pretty good day!


Pony Reading

When I am not riding I spend some of my time selling vintage books at book fairs.  I collect books I love for my stand and strangely  a lot of these are pony books!


I often feel very sad to see them go because I do still enjoy reading them – they are especially perfect if I am feeling a bit ill or low.  I console myself with the thought that I can use the money to buy new books!


I spent today at the book fair at Appledore Book Festival and had a great time.  I really enjoy talking to people about the books and this is one of my favourite festivals.  Who wouldn’t enjoy this view?