The evening is one of my favourite times of the day.  When I go out to the stables everything is usually very still and the world seems very peaceful.  Unless there is a storm of course but that is different.

Last night I went out just as it was getting dark.  It was a lovely evening with a gentle breeze and only a faint hint of rain.  The church bells were ringing and made a wonderful musical backdrop to the yard chores.


I tried to record the sound of the bells but all I could hear on the video was the absurdly loud stream.   I’m sure it was louder in the video than in real life.  Instead, here are the ponies cosily tucked up in bed (Cookster is invisible because he has his head in a bucket!).

Feeling Festive

It is beginning to feel rather Christmassy around here.  We have a lovely wreath up on our gate which Galahad likes very much.  He hasn’t actually tried to eat it yet but he has been looking as if he wants to!


I have also been reintroducing Galahad to his antlers.  He wore them for the first time last Christmas and was surprisingly okay about them.  Last year he started wearing them in hand as soon as December started and I gradually introduced them when riding too until he was able to wear them for a whole ride.

They did originally have bells on them but he hated them so much  that I took them off.  I also have a hat cover with bells on it which I was able to wear when riding him, although that obviously was nowhere near as close to his ears!


This year we have done a little in hand work with the antlers but he has not objected to them at all.  We have now started riding with them on and he still doesn’t seem to mind.  At any rate, he hasn’t reacted to them.  I am even wearing my Christmas elf hat again.  We are having a great time!