Super Samples

I love feed samples.  It is just so fun to try out different food for the ponies.  Of course, they usually come with a short conversation about the ponies and what they need, which means I get some samples of food that are actually recommended for them and not just random food which would not be suitable.  I lugged a huge range of samples all the way back from Burghley and I tried every single one.

It works too – I have actually bought a bag of Allen and Page’s Fast Fibre to try on the strength of the sample I got at Burghley.  It has lots of things to recommend it but I have to admit that the fact it can be served warm was a huge draw for me!


This week Christmas came early for the ponies as we received a huge box of samples from Mikholl Ltd.  This is a new feed company based in the UK who makes organic horse feeds from what sounds like great ingredients.  They come in recyclable packaging too which is a excellent point for me – I love the sample bags!

They have only just arrived so I can’t comment much on them yet except to say that the ponies seem to like the alfalfa treats and the apple flakes went down well too.  I am very excited about trying them though.


2 thoughts on “Super Samples

  1. this is so interesting to me. I have 5 huge bins of different feed for my ponies. it’s so complex. I was impressed by the organic and recycled packaging. that’s a real bonus as the stuff I get is in plastic. Your ponies are very lucky to have all those nice treats.

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