Some good news – and a change

On Thursday Galahad had his six monthly back check.  For the first time ever he was fine and didn’t need any treatment.  I was so pleased!  It is wonderful to know that we are doing something right.


Apart from the obvious benefits for him healthwise, it is great news as it means I have been able to ride him instead of giving him a week off.  We had a lovely hack out on Friday evening and even managed to arrange a jumping lesson yesterday morning.  Galahad flew around the jumps in a lovely, flowing round.  Things are looking up.

I have mentioned before that I have a vintage book stall which I take to local shows.  I have now started a blog to go with it and have started to struggle a bit with the schedule of maintaining two separate blogs.  Therefore, I am going to cut this blog back from twice a week to once a week.


If you are interested in following my bookish adventures you can find them here.  Otherwise, I will be back here with Galahad next Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Some good news – and a change

      • Don’t be sorry I’m murder for buying books anyway but old vintage ones with that certain illustration and smell… like a drug 😀

        Do you illustrate them as well if you don’t mind me asking? I used to write children’s poems and stories nothing major just one book got attention and offers but I never let them touch it because I could see the illustration in my mind and unless it was that – nope I’ll hang on 😀

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    • Don’t worry about it! I do actually love to draw but I don’t illustrate books I’m afraid. I hope you find the right illustrations for yours.

      I love the illustrations in some of the older pony books. They are just wonderful!


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