The past few days have been rather warm to say the least!


Our hacks have been very gentle and meandering and we have been seeking out whatever shade we can find.


I do love to sit in the shade – I enjoy the dry weather but I can’t stay in the full sun for too long.

Unfortunately the horse flies have suddenly materialised too and, as this rather blurry photograph shows, some headshaking has been going on.



We added some citronella to the water when we washed the ponies off after today’s hack – hopefully that will discourage some of the flies.

6 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. So pretty. I rode with a friend on Sunday at a ranch with trails not too far away and the horse flies were crazy. Like I have never seen before. My Lito was going crazy. He has never reacted to bugs before and my friend’s horse was doing the same.

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